Paul & Pamela Kinley - Autumn 2020 Portr

Paul & Pamela are members of Interlink Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization that processes monetary support and provides financial accountability for missionaries (only 5% is withheld for administration costs).


Paul’s full-time work involves networking, recruiting, fundraising, ministry travel, and planning ministry events. Pamela is a homemaker and serves as Paul’s assistant in the ministry. They have been married 29 years and are the proud parents of four adult children. The Kinleys are able to do ministry work because of the generosity of individuals who have decided to become a "Link in the Chain."


Would you consider helping

the Kinleys be fully supported?




If you are writing a check and would like to designate your funds to go to either Family and/or Project Support, print and fill out this form.

All donations will provide for the support of Paul & Pamela Kinley in accordance with the guidelines of Interlink Ministries, Inc.