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OUR GOAL: $14,000

Experience Missions is partnering with Voice of the Martyrs to assemble Action Packs, which include basic survival supplies for refugees all around the world, specifically in Sudan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Iraq, and the Central Republic of Africa. 


Every gift of $50.00 will cover the cost to pack, ship, and to distribute Action Packs that will directly help 6 refugees in the midst of hardship. These Action Packs provide an opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ!

We are EXTENDING Giving Tuesday; the campaign will end 12/08!

Thanks to our generous donors, we have $7,000 available to be matched dollar-for-dollar.

$50 will impact 6 refugees

$100 will impact 12 refugees

$150 will impact 18 refugees

$200 will impact 24 refugees

$300 will impact 36 refugees

$500 will impact 60 refugees

$1000 will impact 120 refugees

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The goal of Experience Missions is to create a bridge between Christian ministries and local churches to help advance the gospel of Jesus Christ. Experience Missions is an official project of Interlink Ministries, Inc., a non-profit organization that processes monetary support and provides financial accountability for the project (only 5% is withheld for administration costs). 


This project was founded by Paul & Pamela Kinley with the idea of providing an opportunity for community volunteers to pack humanitarian aid as a means of sharing the gospel. The ministry aid is then distributed through Christian organizations to ensure it reaches those in desperate need around the world. All of this is made possible through the generosity of individuals who have decided to become a “link in the chain.”

Would you consider supporting Experience Missions to help do more and reach more for the sake of the gospel?

If you are writing a check and would like to designate your funds to go to either Family and/or Project Support, print and fill out this form.

All donations are for the express purpose of furthering the work of Experience Missions in accordance with the guidelines of Interlink Ministries, Inc.

Paul Kinley


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